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  • Margaret Zamora (Sunday, January 01 17 03:13 pm EST)

    You won't find better Greek food - anywhere in PBC. If you want fresh, healthy, delicious Greek specialities - run - don't walk - to Chris' Taverna - ooooooh it's so YUM!

  • Nina (Thursday, October 20 16 11:17 am EDT)

    I've been here twice and the food has been great and the service high quality. I will without a doubt be coming again. Definitely recommend!

  • Marcia (Tuesday, October 11 16 09:04 pm EDT)

    Excellent food. Large portions. Love this restaurant. Best Greek food around.

  • Penny & Michael Kreps (Sunday, September 25 16 01:38 pm EDT)

    The BEST Greek available in Palm Beach County. Everything is fresh, delicious, impeccably prepared, in a fast-paced, Mediterranean feel restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining. Amazing selection
    made to order. Accommodating and professional staff. They make you feel like family!

  • Jennifer (Saturday, July 02 16 04:45 pm EDT)

    Great Food and Service. Place is always Packed!

  • Sherry (Wednesday, June 22 16 10:11 am EDT)

    Chris's is awesome. Home cooking with the best waitress- Angela. We felt like we were in someone's home. The portions were huge and made with love. My go to place in Boynton. 10****

  • Ileana (Monday, February 15 16 02:44 pm EST)

    Best food and service, thank you 😊

  • Karen (Sunday, February 14 16 06:26 pm EST)

    Best Greek food in the county

  • Steve Block (Tuesday, February 09 16 08:03 pm EST)

    Great food! Fresh, consistent,generous portions,fair prices. Florida needs more eateries like Chris' Taverna!!!

  • Dennis Maniatis (Saturday, December 26 15 09:12 pm EST)

    The FOOD and the SERVICE are PERFECT!!!
    I love this Restaurant!!!

  • Jaclyn (Sunday, August 16 15 09:09 pm EDT)

    We're sitting in the restaurant after having finished our gyro platters, and I just wanted to write and say what amazing service Razan gave us. She was attentive, welcoming, and seemed to really care
    that we enjoyed ourselves, even though we were "those people" who came in 20 minutes before closing. I managed a fine dining restaurant for many years and she was definitely the kind of employee I
    would keep around. Thanks Razan for the awesome service and for all the tzatziki!

  • ALAN LISSY (Saturday, August 08 15 03:38 pm EDT)


  • Stephen Petosa (Wednesday, July 15 15 09:49 am EDT)

    To all who love great Greek food, My family and I have been eating at Chris' Taverna since he opened the very first store we had a Hurricane and Chris was giving food to families.
    New restaurant and a Hurricane hits.
    The food has always been fresh home cooked meals as his mom aunt brother cousins Uncle Tom all contribute to the success of this restaurant. Whether you are dining in or taking out they make you feel
    like family. The food is all prepared with quality meats and vegetables , his seafood dishes are terrific as well, in all the years I have eaten there I never repeat never had anything that was
    wasn't freshly prepared, his lettuce is always crisp ,tomatoes I swear he has his own tomato farm always perfect.
    Chris has probably a good 20 employees so when your there service is always on, he doesn't go to a skeleton crew when season is over.
    In my opinion Chris being a humble man has given Many jobs and stability to our community, always will donate time money or food to help an organization he is a pillar of our neighborhood,He is one
    of the finest restauranteurs in South Florida providing quality food and service with honor,pride and integrity.when our family comes from New York Boston and Montreal the first place off the plane
    they want to eat is at Chris' Taverna.If you haven't there yet your missing out eat there once and you will become a regular.

  • Kathleen Callahan (Friday, July 10 15 08:14 pm EDT)

    Fantastic & authentic Greek food!!
    Wonderful customer service!
    Awesome atmosphere!
    You won't regret coming to Chris's!

  • DDowling (Thursday, July 09 15 08:14 am EDT)

    Had dinner with friends 07/08/2015 Could not believe the portions WOW excellent Dinner Will tell everybody.

  • Judith D. (Monday, June 01 15 09:19 am EDT)

    On May 31, 2015 it was my family first time eating at Chris Taverna. It was an amazing experience all around. The food was delicious and the service was great. This place has been added on our to go
    back and eat again list. Now a days it is rare to find a good place to eat. But this is the place to be. Great job and please continue to be the same or better.

  • David Cohen (Tuesday, May 26 15 12:55 pm EDT)

    We were extremely pleased with everything. The food was sensational; the entire staff was great;and our waitress, Marissa, was absolutely wonderful. If everyhting was only fair(but it was really
    great) Marissa made it superlative. Thank you!

  • Pat Beebe (Tuesday, May 19 15 01:46 pm EDT)

    Best Greek food ever at both locations. I tell everyone they have to go there. I been going there few years now and never ever had anthing that was not perfect

  • Mindy (Thursday, April 23 15 11:09 pm EDT)

    Food was the chicken pita, salad was so fresh, side of lemon potatoes were delish!!!!! What a great find!!!!

  • Lucia Porley (Thursday, March 12 15 07:54 pm EDT)

    Just wanted to say you guys are the best! I come in frequently and you guys never disappoint. The staff is always extremely friendly and welcoming and the food is always perfection.

  • Elise (Thursday, December 11 14 01:45 pm EST)

    Chris\' Taverna is like wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket and letting the world fall away. The food is ALWAYS perfect, the staff unbelievably friendly and if you were ever afraid to try
    Greek food you need to come here and see that there is nothing but pure pleasure awaiting you. There is a childrens menu which has hamburgers, chicken fingers so don\'t worry about the kids (or picky
    eaters) but most kids I see there are eating Greek food. If you want a real holiday gift, go to Chris\' Taverna. I promise you, you won\'t be disappointed.

  • Dorothy Caplan (Saturday, September 27 14 06:52 pm EDT)

    First time there. Delicious , great service..Thank you Marco! Everything was soo fresh and kalamarie was fried to perfection.. not greasy!
    Definitely going back with friends.

  • Adrien (Wednesday, September 10 14 04:30 pm EDT)

    I do love your food very much. My only suggestion is that your house dressing be a bit more Greek inspired! It seems more like a regular vinaigrette. Perhaps some feta mixed in, lemon, garlic?

  • Terry (Sunday, June 01 14 09:09 pm EDT)

    Absolutely delicious! Went for lunch today and had the gyro salad. It was so large, I shared it with my friend and we had plenty. Looking forward to my next visit. Yummm!

  • Frieda (Wednesday, May 14 14 10:20 am EDT)

    We have been to Chris' Taverna on Hypoloxo many times and LOVE it. This Friday, 5/16 we are bringing my mom and dad to the one in Lantana to celebrate my mom's 95th Birthday. I know they will love it
    as much as we have. I have send many family and friends to this restaurant and they all tell me how great it is. If you love Greek food this is the place to be.

  • charlie (Sunday, May 11 14 11:31 am EDT)

    I lived in Greece for 3+ years while serving inthe military. I loved the people and the food! Chris's is the closest and best Greek food that i have had since coming back to the states!!! I go there
    at least 3+ times a month. Thanks for brining back the memories Chris & Michael!!!

  • Monique (Wednesday, April 23 14 06:56 am EDT)

    My mother and I both went for the first time last night and oh my gosh what an experience!! The waiter, owner, and staff were more than attentive and sweet. They even noticed we ordered a bottle of
    wine different from the glass we first ordered so wanted to make sure everything was ok with our first choice and offered to take either one if we didn't like it. The owner came and talked to us
    multiple times bringing us more amazing, authentic, and fresh food that reminded me of my trip to Greece a few years ago! When my mom and I left we gave the owner a hug and kiss as we felt like we
    just had a great meal with family. Just an amazing experience !

  • Happy Customer (Tuesday, March 18 14 02:23 pm EDT)

    Great place to eat and very nice service. They have quality ingredients and specialty dishes that may take a little longer...but totally worth the wait. :-)

  • Chris' Taverna (Saturday, February 01 14 11:36 pm EST)

    On behalf of Chris' Taverna we would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support and feedback! I ensure you we read every comment, and appreciate both the negative and positive responses. Here
    at Chris' Taverna we are always striving for continued excellence in service and cuisine. Customer satisfaction in our number 1 priority! Without the continued support of our loyal patrons, as well
    as others who take the time to share their thoughts we would not be able to assess and improve our restaurant. It's always a pleasure to hear about our satisfied customers as well!! We hope to see
    you all in the very near future and Happy New Year too all!!

    Thank you,
    Chris' Taverna

  • ELINOR (Saturday, February 01 14 08:10 pm EST)


  • SHELLY (Saturday, February 01 14 08:05 pm EST)


  • George z. (Wednesday, December 18 13 10:08 pm EST)

    The best Greek food I ever had.The service also was great and professional . My congats to Mike , Chris , Vassili and the family.
    I highly Recommend it to any one.
    Keep up the good work guys.
    I am proud of you.

  • Sue Gavin (Wednesday, September 11 13 01:02 pm EDT)

    I tried for over a year to get my son to come to your place and eat. Finally, he took me for my birthday and he was shocked how much he loved it, too. Thanks and keep it up. We love your food.

  • Steve D (Thursday, September 05 13 08:36 pm EDT)

    I live out of state but come to Boynton Beach about twice a month. I try to get to Chris' every trip as the food is so incredibly delicious.

    The staff is pretty terrific too. Janet (sp) from Mexico who is still working on her English to become a waitress always knows that I wont be ordering anything to drink and I don't take water either.
    That is the sign of a professional.

    Portions are huge, food is delicious. I love looking at the murals of Santorini as well, imagining myself in that gorgeous setting someday.

  • Larry (Tuesday, July 30 13 02:28 pm EDT)

    Very good food but noisy customers! All you hear is unjustly complaints from them. Their customer base is mostly from "active adult communities" in the Boynton Beach area. With the new addition of a
    Chris Taverna in Boynton Beach I may give it a try again.

  • Sharon Canada-Moore (Monday, June 10 13 09:55 pm EDT)

    The last time that I had authentic Greek food was in a restaurant located in downtown Manhattan long before I left NY almost 25 years ago. I've passed by your restaurant on numerous occasions and
    marvelled each time at the number of patrons there -- any time of any day. After reading all of the positive on-line reviews about Chris' Taverna, I decided that I was going to make it a point to
    check it out, which I just did this evening. Wow -- fantastic! The food was delicious and authentic, the ingredients were so fresh, your menu was quite extensive (and well priced), and your
    restaurant (including the restroom) was very clean. All of that is wonderful in and of itself, but what I found to be most outstanding was the very pleasant personnel. Our waitress was so friendly,
    answered all of our questions with enthusiasm, and was very accommodating. The one thing that amazed me the most and, thereby impressed me the most was that there was a gentleman (I do not know if he
    was the manager or the owner) who actually walked around the dining area asking diners if everything was all right. That amazed me. Most restaurants these days serve you and act like, "Well, you got
    your food -- what else do you want from me?" I was very, very impressed and will definitely make this restaurant one that I frequent on a regular basis.

  • Joe Popper (Monday, March 25 13 11:08 am EDT)

    In addition to the incredible meal, we got to meet (H)Elana who embodies the best in custemer service. Pay her more. Thanks Elena.

  • Marc (Tuesday, March 19 13 02:41 pm EDT)

    Outstanding! The Gyros platter, Lamb chops, and Mousaka are phenomenal. Perfectly seasoned and excellent quantity.

  • Anthony Lewis (Friday, February 15 13 01:17 am EST)

    Thank you so very much for a lovely dinner and an amazing really knocked it out of the park for us! LOVED every bite!

  • Rose Bud (Monday, January 07 13 09:47 am EST)

    We need you in palm beach gardens too

  • Diana Z (Saturday, December 15 12 06:26 pm EST)

    Awesome food, and service!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!!!

  • Rich (Saturday, November 03 12 08:21 pm EDT)

    Simply the BEST !!!

  • Karina C (Monday, July 30 12 06:41 pm EDT)

    Best Greek food ever! And the manager along with the servers were delightful and professionals. The combination of great food, outstanding service and good friends makes Chris' Taverna the best place
    to eat.

  • Charlie Mussoline (Monday, July 02 12 09:40 am EDT)

    This was by far the best Greek food I've ever had to pleasure to eat. The octopus appetizer was unbelievably good. The lamb was excellent. Portions were huge, service impeccable, food great. What
    more can you ask for in a restaurant. I will drive from Davie up to Chris's Taverna anytime.

  • Heather, David & Joshua K (Saturday, June 30 12 12:39 pm EDT)

    We love the food and the new store. We will be there frequently. We have added you to the fun places in Joshua's website.

  • Victoria and David. (Monday, June 25 12 03:50 pm EDT)

    I went to Chris' Taverna to celebrate father's day with my family and friends and we had an amazing dinner. The service was very professional and the food was delicious. Absolutely it is the best
    Greek food in town.

  • Dianne Vassallo (Sunday, June 24 12 11:21 am EDT)

    Best Greek Food. Friendly fast and delicious food. So glad one opened closer to my home, now I can eat at Chris' twice a week if not more!!

  • Sam and Nancy (Wednesday, April 11 12 07:11 pm EDT)

    We just got home from our first dinner and we are blown away by the fabulous dining experience! Our meals were fantastic: Greek chicken/Greek shrimp. The lemon potatoes were the best ever. The
    appetizers were so unexpected and delicious.
    Finally, the baklava is amazing! Not to be ignored: all the staff was very welcoming and helpful - and the service was terrific.
    Add us to your list of faithful patrons - don't change a thing!

  • Waellzly Milton (Monday, April 09 12 03:41 pm EDT)

    Really excellent service and incredibly delicious, homemade Greek food. So Delicious!

  • mike (Saturday, April 07 12 05:03 pm EDT)

    The best greek food i ever had! and im from ny

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