Served with two sides of your choices




Gyro Plate

Sliced  beef & lamb mix.$16.95




Souvlaki Plate 

Chargrilled chunks of marinated pork.16.95                       




Grilled Chicken Breast

Chargrilled marinated chicken breast.16.95



Lamb Shank

Cooked with Mediterranean sauce. 19.95




Lamb Chops

 Five chargrilled baby lamb chops. 27.95



Orzo mini pasta in tomato sauce.3.95

String beans cooked in tomato sauce.3.95

Greek french fries.Bakedwith feta cheese,

oregano& parsley.4.50

Baked lemon herb potatoes. 3.95

Side Greek salad. 4.95

French fries. 2.95

Rice with peas. 3.95

Hummus. 2.95


Entrees -Served with Greek side salad





Baked layers of ground beef,

eggplant,potatoes,topped with

bechamel sauce.16.95





Baked layers of ground beef & macaroni,

topped with bechamel sauce. 16.95




Eleni`s Combo

 Mousaka, Pastitsio &Spanakopita.19.95




Chris’ Combo

Mousaka & Pastitsio.16.95




Grecian Platter

Three baby lamb chops,

 gyro & souvlaki meat.29.95




Shrimp Santorini

Chargrilled shrimps.

with sauteed  tomatoes,onions,

olives & feta, over rice with peas.19.95



Chicken Santorini

Chargrilled Chcicken

with sauteed  tomatoes,onions,

olives & feta, over rice with peas.17.95







Spinach Pie 13.95






Greek Style Scrod Fish

Baked in white wine and seasoned lemon juice sauce 

Paired nicely with Lemon potatoes  17.95






Mama's Favorite (Thursday)

Half eggplant stuffed with ground beef, topped

with tomotaoes, sauteed onions and Feta cheese 17.95






Stuffed Cabbage (Friday)

stuffed with ground beef, herb rice, topped with 

Mediterranean Sauce 18.95




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