Lunch menu


(Served Monday-Friday from 11:00AM -3:30PM)


(Served with pita bread and a soda drink)


Homemade soups

(served with side Greek salad)


 Avgolemono soup    9.45                        Lentil  soup    9.45

                         Greek Lemon chicken soup with rice.



Greek Salad 

Mixed greens,tomatoes,onions,cucumbers,olives,fetacheese,dolma,

pepperoncini and our own dressing.


Gyros Salad

Roasted  beef and lamb mix with mixed greens,tomatoes,onions, cucumbers,olives, feta cheese,dolma,pepperoncini and our own dressing.  13.95


Chicken Salad

Chargrilled chicken with mixed greens,tomatoes,onions,cucumbers,olives,fetacheese,dolma,pepperoncini

and our own dressing 13.95


Octopus Salad

Chargrilled octopus with mixed greens,tomatoes,onions, cucumbers,olives,fetacheese,dolma,pepperoncini and our own dressing. 17.95


 Souvlaki Salad

Chargrilled chunks of pork with mixed greens,tomatoes,onions, cucumbers,olives,fetacheese,dolma,pepperoncini and our own dressing.  13.95


Shrimp Salad

Char grilled shrimps with mixed greens,tomatoes,onion,cucumbers,olives,fetacheese,dolma,pepperoncini,and our own dressing 16.95


Pita wraps


(Served with a choice of Greek Salad or

french fries and a Soda drink)


                          (All pita wraps come with lettuce,tomatoes,onions ,tzatziki sauce)


                                                                          Gyros wrap

      Sliced  beef and lamb mix meat 10.95


                                                     Chicken breast wrap

                                                   Sliced marinated chicken breast 10.95


                                                       Shrimp wrap

                                                          Chargrilled  shrimp  12.95


                                                            Souvlaki wrap

                                                    Chunks of marinated pork 10.95


                                             Loukaniko  wrap

                                                             Pork sausage 10.95 


                                                Bifteki wrap

                                             Our own recipe Greek style beef burger 10.95



                          (Served with a choice of Greek Salad or french fries and a soda drink)



                                                     Layered ground beef,eggplant,potatoes,

                                                     topped with bechamel sauce 10.25



                                                       Layered ground  beef and macaroni,

                                                       topped with bechamel sauce 10.25



                                                Spinach pie 10.25




                                 Custard in a crispy filo pastry shell 4.95



                                 Nuts and honey baked in filo dough 4.95



                                           Two almond cookies in powdered sugar 2.50



                                                 Two pieces of shredded filo,

                                                 with nuts & honey  4.95


                  Coke,sprite.lemonade,diet coke,clubsoda,rootbeer,iced tea.





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